17 September 2017

Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings and MOTM!

Arsenal looked like the better squad for long stretches of the match and came agonizingly close when Ramsey poked past Courtois only to strike woodwork, and Lacazette couldn't redirect the rebound. Midway through the second half, Mustafi headed home from a Xhaka cross but was rightly ruled offside. With five minutes to play, David Luiz was shown a straight red for a reckless challenge on Kolašinac. All things considered, I might even go so far as to say we should be disappointed to come away with only a point.

Let's get to the poll and rate the lads!

Arsenal nicks a point at Stamford Bridge...

Match Preview: Chelsea vs. Arsenal - Premier League - 17.09.2017 

 Let's all heave a collective sigh of relief after finding a way past FC Köln, who did give us quite a scare before doing the decent thing in letting us have our way. It's only fair, after all, considering how rudely we've been treated by the Germans on previous visits. Whichever way we slice it, we've now found a way to win two on the bounce, scoring six along the way. While it's still far too early to say we've righted the ship, we've at least progressed beyond rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Having stabilised, we can now go into Stamford Bridge with something approaching momentum, perhaps with enough of something that will earn us a point, if not three.

14 September 2017

Arsenal 3-1 FC Köln—vote for Player Ratings and MOTM!

Arsenal overcame an all-too-familiar shaky start, conceding a silly but stil-exquisite goal when Ospina was forced to come off his line to clear the ball only to see Cordoba score from 50 yards out. From there until halftime, it looked as if Köln could get away with sitting back to defend the lead. However, Kolašinac came on in the second half and electrified the Emirates with a stunning strike, doing his level-best to channel Lukas Podolski, and from there, Köln crumbled. Alexis and then Bellerín got in on the action, and Arsenal come away with a much-needed Europa League win. That's two on the bounce as we prepare to invade Stamford Bridge. Enough for now; let's get down to the poll to rate the lads!

09 September 2017

Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth: Vote for Ratings/MOTM Poll!

A fifth-minute goal from Danny Welbeck settled jangled nerves around the Emirates, and Arsenal thoroughly dominated a listless, overwhelmed Bournemouth squad still looking for its first point of the season. Lacazette added another twenty minutes later, and Welbeck found his second soon after halftime. Even after we went down to ten men when Coquelin had to come off with an injury (and we had used all three subs, we kept control. All in all, it should amount to a confident if not complete return to competitiveness as we look to recover from an absolutely shambolic start. We needed something to boost spirits, especially ahead of a trip to Stamford Bridge, and the lads delivered. Let's get down to the poll and give 'em what they deserve!

30 August 2017

Ox? Gone. Gibbs? Gone. Mustafi, Pérez, Alexis? Rats...is it a sinking ship...

Oxlade-Chamberlain is off to Liverpool. Gibbs will slink away to West Brom, perhaps suggesting that hsi chances at silverware are better over at the Hawthorns than they are at the Emirates. Mustafi looks to be loaned out to Inter, having been exposed as inadequate in a 3-4-3 if not a 4-2-3-1. Pérez joins the want-aways amidst rumours of a loan to Deportivo, but leading the rat-pack has to be none other than Alexis Sánchez, with persistent rumours of a move to Man City. At some point, it starts to feel as if the ship is sinking, and if these and other rats are abandoning ship, it feels like Arsène is doing little more than dithering over the rearrangement of deck-chairs on the Titanic.

27 August 2017

Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings and MOTM!

Well, the less said about this one, the better. Liverpool thrashed us, plain and simple. This one brings back memories of the 2013-14 season, the one in which we were beaten repeatedly and resoundingly by our rivals. The excuse of it being early days is already wearing alarmingly thin. It might apply if others were struggling to a similar degree. However, it seems to be only the Arsenal that is suffering so miserably. In three matches totaling 270 minutes, we've only looked like we're ready to play for about 15 of those—the last 15 minutes against Leicester. Since then, we've looked like we're already relegated and are just playing out the last matches of a season. Well, I don't want to skew the results of the poll, so I'll just ask you to be calm and rational as you rate the lads...